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How much do things cost in Poland?

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When visiting a foreign country it is always good to know how much things will or should cost you. Of course the city of Warsaw and tourist spots like Debki may have their prices inflated, but to most people travelling from the UK or USA you will get yourself a pretty god deal!

To check the exchange rate visit our: Currency Converter

The prices below are based on average venues, cafes, bars, etc. There are obviously exceptions that will go above or beyond, but you will know if you have stepped into one of these venues from the surroundings!

  • A litre of beer in a restaurant or bar : between 80p at a very good price and up to and above 1.50
  • Cooked breakfast including a tea/coffee : 1.50 - 3.00
  • 10 minute taxi journey in the city : 3.00
  • Ice creams : 50p - 2.00
  • 2 course dinner including 2 drinks : 8-15
  • 3* Hotel for one night : 15 - 30
  • 1 week car hire : 150 - 300
  • Hire of leisure equipment (tennis or bikes) : 1.50 p.h. - 3.00 p.h

As a rule of thumb, think of how much it will cost at home and halve it!

Buying Property in Poland

Want to Learn Polish?

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Are you considering buying a home abroad? Many places like Spain have experienced seriously quick rises in price and an investment in countries like this may not be such a good idea. In Poland you can still pick up a beach resort for much cheaper than you think. Post a question to our Polish Forum if you want to know more.