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Learn to Speak Polish Numbers

Want to learn Polish? Click here to try the listen and learn Polish for free. Polish Phrases and simple Polish Sentences

Counting in Polish is similar in English. You have zero to ten as unique words. 11 - 19 is based on 1 - 10 and then the numbers follow a similar pattern to the English.

If you would like to hear then numbers being spoken then please register to hear them.

Polish characters include: ą Ą ć Ć ę Ę Ń ń Ł ł Ś ś Ź ź ż Ż

English Polish
Zero zero
One jeden
Two dwa
Three trzy
Four cztery
Five pięć
Six sześć
Seven siedem
Eight osiem
Nine dziewięć
Ten dziesięć
Eleven jedenaście
Twelve dwanaście
Thirteen trzynaście
Fourteen czternaście
Fifteen pietnaście
Sixteen szesnaście
Seventeen siedemnaście
Eighteen osiemnaście
Nineteen dziewiętnaście
Twenty dwadzieścia
Twenty one dwadzieścia jeden
Twenty Two dwadzieścia dwa
Thirty trzydzieści
Thirty One trzydzieści jeden
Forty czterdzieści
Fifty piędzieśąt
Sixty sześdzieśąt
Seventy siedemdzieśąt
Eighty osiemdzieśąt
Ninety dziewiędzieśąt
One hundred sto
One hundred and one sto jeden
Thousand tyśąc
Million milion

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Does Poland have beaches? Sound like a funny question to you? Well it is not. From our survey over 40% of Brits didn't know Poland had any beaches. Not to mention the beautiful coastline and golden sand that it has. Many people think of Poland being a cold dark country. I suggest you visit Poland if you do!