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  • The Polish St Tropez, Debki is the number one beach holiday spot in Poland. On the beautiful Baltic Coastline Debki has white sand beaches, sunsets, warm summers and much more to offer. Exclusive to Meet Poland stay in a wonderful beach house.

    If you are staying in Poland we have researched the Internet, airports and local companies in Poland and found the very best priced car hire in Poland.


    Stay in Debki at this lovely home in the summer



    Tourist spot in the review : Debki
    Found on the beautiful Baltic coastline near Gdansk


    Birds Eye View of Debki estuary.




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    Summer holidays for 2006 may not end up costing you every penny of your savings. You can take your entire family away to Poland and stay at a private beach house. Meet Poland can offer you discount car hire or help with airport transfers to Debki or Rewa where you can be greeted by an English speaking resident.